Why the Irish love to gamble

Even though the country is small, the people of Ireland and their culture have made a great impact on the world.

Irish people are very unique in a good sense. These are the most common peculiarities of the Irish:

  • The Irish are very talkative. No one loves to talk as much as they do. One of the most popular topics is the weather.
  • They are the most popular gamblers in the world. Those who enjoy gambling know what Ireland casinos are like.
  • The craic is what the Irish love the most. When it comes to having a good time, the Irish are up for it, either it’s a lock-in at the pub or a karaoke night.
  • The Irish are very stubborn, which makes their temperament world-famous.
  • Irish people are very sociable. They adore telling stories, singing songs and sharing food together. Most Irish people come from big families thus they learn how to get along with different people. On the contrary, they also like complaining. It doesn’t have to be a huge complaint, even something insignificant can be something to be moaned about.
  • Irish people are very hospitable, they love fussing over their guests. This feature also comes from being raised in big families.
  • This nation is really funny and witty and has its special Irish charm. Their unique sense of humor, sarcastic and dry, makes the Irish so popular in the crowds.
  • Curiosity is one of the most common features. They enjoy overhearing the latest news standing somewhere in the queue, for example, and overall, they are excessively interested in other private affairs. It makes the Irish so sociable and is very amusing to them.
  • Have you ever heard the phrase “make it Irish”? The Irish invented Guinness and other ales and also a great variety of whiskeys, any wonder that they like to drink. Adding a bit of alcohol in the drink brings the spirit of the Emerald Isle. 

Those are the peculiarities that make the Irish so proud of themselves and so special among other nations.

Why the Irish are some of the biggest gamblers in the world

  Ireland is famous for many reasons and gambling is one of them. The luck of the Irish is a famous phrase that explains why gambling is the most popular form of entertainment in Ireland. People in Ireland have enjoyed gambling for decades. Ireland is in the third position in gambling per capita in the world. Needless to say, the Irish are playing a significant role in this fast-growing industry. First of all, because of the lax laws on gambling, which made the market more accessible. Also the pandemic had an influence on the increased popularity of online games and this trend will keep growing. Sports betting is rather popular in Ireland. The Irish prefer betting on football, rugby, horse riding and cricket. Bingo games and lottery as many other forms of gambling are televised and encouraged in the country. Actually, sports betting, particularly horse-riding, played a huge role in the history of gambling. Some historians say that betting practices were known from the 15th century. With modern technologies the world of gambling is becoming more accessible. Now there are lots of online and offline places to gamble. Whether you go to a land-based casino or you play online, Irish casinos provide you with a high level of entertainment. Among the Irish love for gambling is not only about entertainment. As it has become a great part of Irish culture it is also a financial support of the economy and a way to create jobs.


The Irish have brought their culture around the world and at the same time kept their heritage through years. The people in Ireland are friendly, outgoing and open-minded and these features made gambling a vital part of their life. They love placing a bet and having a friendly competition. Especially when more ways of responsible gambling are introduced. Ireland is a great place to gamble because it’s legal and fun. And for many Irish there’s nothing better than going to the pub for a drink with friends and placing a bet in an online casino or on horses. 

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