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    YBIG PODCAST: Irish fans won’t cower from terrorism

    Irish fans travelling to France for Euro 2016 will not cower in the face of terrorism. This week on the YBIG Football Show, Dave O’Grady caught up with two life-long Ireland fans in John O’Neill and Phelim Warren. The guys spoke about their experiences travelling abroad supporting Ireland and had a reassuring perspective when it […] More

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    YBIG Podcast: The Irish Soccer Split – Author Cormac Moore discusses his new book on the two Irish teams

    Euro 2016 will mark the first time in history where both teams on this island will compete at a major tournament. While both Ireland and Northern Ireland don the green jersey in France this summer, questions will arise as to why football is the only major sport here where two teams compete internationally. Joining Dave […] More

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    YBIG Podcast: Fans discuss the new Ireland jersey

    ———————— It’s been described by some as the best Ireland kit since Italia 90 while others have called it ‘cheap tat’. However, plenty of Irish fans have been drooling over Umbro’s latest Ireland release, but is it all its cracked up to be? Dave O’Grady is back with the YBIG Football Show on BenchWarmers and […] More

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    Listen: How cheeky Scotland fans got their hands on precious Euro 2016 tickets for Ireland matches

      Some Scottish fans have ended up with precious Euro 2016 tickets to Ireland’s matches against Sweden, Belgium and Italy. That’s according to German-based Irish fan James Carew who joined Dave O’Grady on the YBIG Football Show this week. The PogMoGoal editor revealed his plans to negotiate a deal with a group a cheeky Scots […] More

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    Listen: Are Sweden a one man Zlatan team?

    Swedish-based Irish journalist Philip O’Connor didn’t hold back when addressing Ireland’s chances against the Scandinavian side at Euro 2016. He joined host Dave O’Grady on the show this week and let loose his feelings towards the Swedes. Joe McCarthy of the Irish Players Abroad website also got in on the action to downplay Sweden’s chances. […] More