The YBIG forum is a message board section where fans can chat to each other, since it’s launch in 2007 it has become the most important part of YBIG, and it has grown into a community of fans, from all ages and sections of Ireland and abroad.

The threads can be read without registering an account, but if you want to join the debate, or post up some advice, sell a ticket, talk nonsense in the Whatever section then your more than welcome to set up an account, but you must be over 18 to do so.

Forum 2

There has been some amazing work achieved using the forum
1. Testimonial for Dave Langan
2. Setting up of the Singing Section, first Croke Park then to the new Lansdowne Road
3. Fans matches
4. Raising thousands for charities
5. Campaign for a proper ticketing scheme – ongoing
6. Strong and lasting friendships off the forum
7. Bit of craic to pass the time – when your supposed to be working

The Forum has become the essential go to place for info about the Irish team and planning away game travel.  Check it out for yourself

Some good threads here.

Euro 2016 FAQ.

There are so many repetitive questions been asked that SuperDave84 had to start a superb information thread. Brilliant info, which is continually updated.

Ireland’s 2016 - 2017 Fixtures list.

News Songs and Chants.

Ahh the ole pickle of trying to get new songs introduced, when usually it’ll be a song spontaneously started which are the ones that stick.

How to Search the YBIG Forum.

Believe me when you want to look for some info, this is absolutely essential.

Your Funniest Moment on Tour

You have to wonder how some fans get to the away games judging by some of the hilarious, strange and off the scale carry on. If you’ve a spare hour or two to be entertained, click in.