YBIG SInging Section

For any newcomers here is some info on the singing section and instructions on how to join us for the next home game! Everyone Welcome!

About the Singing Section:
The singing section was set up in 2009 due to concerns about the poor atmosphere generated by our home fans and the fact that we were being outsung by away supporters in what is supposed to be our fortress. Since its original conception it has grown steadily. We have ongoing discussions with the FAI about the Singing Section and as some of you may have noticed we are located in Block 114 behind the goal in the lower south stand at Lansdowne Road. We want Ireland fans who are passionate and want to stand, sing and support the team for 90 mins. Its a great environment in which to enjoy the match and makes the experience of following your country something to remember. Most people who have experienced the atmosphere get hooked and end up coming again and again. We want as many fans as possible to join us and we hope the singing section grows and grows with the ultimate aim of occupying a very large area from which to get the whole stadium rocking.

If you have seen us and are interested in joining the YBIG singing section:
If you are currently a block booker or season ticket holder please phone Ticketmaster, outlining that you are currently a ticket holder in another part of the stadium but would like to swap your ticket for a YBIG singing section season ticket in block 114 of the lower south stand. A good few lads have done this and the ticket office have co-operated with this. The new season tickets are up for renewal again in 2016 so at this time make sure you request section 114.

If you are not a season ticket holder and want to join us on a game by game basis please phone or purchase online from ticketmaster, requesting a matchday ticket as close to block 114 as possible.

Alternatively if you have any more problems or are having difficulties in getting tickets for our area feel free to post up your problem in the ROI section on our forum here, and hopefully we can sort your problem out.