Elevate your game: Winning strategies for blackjack

Blackjack is a game of numbers and figures in which a player’s knowledge of the mathematical basis of cards can change the game significantly. The complexity of a deeper strategy is hidden in the simplicity of the rules.

With each hand dealt, players are faced with a series of decisions: win by getting blackjack, staying, doubling down or splitting. Yet it is seen that luck does help in the short term, but in the extent to which players make their strategic choices, they decide their wins in the long run.

However, are strategies able to help us beat blackjack? We set off with Fortune Panda casino to determine which tricks can give you the advantage in this complicated card game.

Basic strategy fundamentals

Basics are the heart of never-failing blackjack gameplay; it provides a player with a methodical decision-making approach which has the potential to attain a high return on investment.

The basic blackjack strategy in card games is defined as a fixed set of rules-of-thumb, allowing you to decide on hitting, standing, doubling down, and splitting against the dealer’s upcard by taking into account your cards and the dealer’s upcard. 

It isn’t guesswork or the application of intuition, rather it’s about the cutting-edge calculation methods based on the mathematical theorem tested on millions of blackjacks. 

Winning strategies for blackjack

Though luck may be a factor in temporary results, a strategic approach can tilt the odds in favour of the participant, in the long run.

Card counting

Card counting is an intricate method which a player who is knowledgeable in the game uses to edge over the casino. It essentially considers the number of high cards to low cards left in the deck or shoe and betting strategies follow after that.

Nonetheless, this method is not illegal because it requires a high level of observing skill, mental agility, and full-time practice to yield a good result. On the contrary, if applied skilfully, card counting is capable of levelling the playing field, putting the player in an advantageous position in terms of the house edge. 

The Martingale betting strategy

The Martingale system is an acknowledged negative-progression technique which is used in blackjack and it is based on the belief that in the long run, eventual victory is achievable. 

The strategy says that the next time a hand of a player is lost, the player should double the size of their previous bet. However, it might seem that this way it can be the hardest but as well the most valuable if done properly.

Here’s how it works: For instance, you may start with €5 bet and end up with a loss. According to the Martingale system, let your next bet be €10. In case of loss, you ante up €20. The idea is that more and more, the stakes will increase, and finally, a win is likely to appear.

The winning streak betting strategy

The winning streak betting strategy is tailored for those inclined towards risk-taking. Unlike the conservative nature of the Martingale strategy, the winning streak strategy adopts a positive-progression approach. Here, players double their bet following each successful hand.

To illustrate, suppose you initiate with a €5 bet and emerge victorious. Following the winning streak strategy, your subsequent wager would double to €10. However, if the subsequent hand results in a loss, you maintain the €10 bet until your next win. Upon securing another victory, the pattern resumes, with each subsequent bet doubling in size. This strategy aims to capitalise on periods when the game is on a winning streak.

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