Sports betting strategies you can also use in casinos

Whether you are betting on your favourite sports team or playing slots, you are taking a chance. It is a gamble because you have no control over what happens once you place that stake or spin that wheel. And that’s what makes sports betting and casino games similar – uncertainty. It’s always lingering behind all your moves. But does this mean you should resign to fate and let everyone and everything else control the outcome of your bets and games? Not at all – we show you sports betting strategies that also work for casino games.


1.    Choose a Reputable Platform

What’s the first thing that sports bettors do? – They find a platform that is right for them. And luckily, with options like Bet365 Ireland and other licensed sites, zeroing in on the right choice has become easier. Use the same tactic when choosing an online casino by focusing on:

  • Its reputation,
  • Its variety in games,
  • Its customer service, and
  • Its payment methods.

Winning won’t serve you much if you use an unreliable platform. That’s because you won’t have the chance to access your winnings if you’re using a website that does not honor its end of the deal.


2.    Manage Your Money

If you want to remain financially afloat even after playing numerous casino games, you must understand how much you can spend on the games. For example, if you can only afford to bet €50 on games per week, you must stick to that. Why is this so important?

  • It protects you from using your savings: Having a hold on your limit ensures that you do not go over what you can afford and start spending money that should cover your basic needs, and
  • It helps you avoid chasing losses: If you spend €50 and lose it all, you cannot spend more than this. You cannot even add 5c to the game to cover your loss because the limit is clear. You will then wait until next week when you will have that extra €50 for the next set of games.

Please observe this limit. While it may seem like such a downer, it will save you time and money in the long run.


3.    Specialize

If you observe sports bettors who actually put their theory into practice, you will realize they specialize in a niche. For example, a sports bettor who enjoys football will focus on just football. Moreover, they will find the different markets in football and focus on a few. This bettor may decide to play over/ under bets and total scores. That way, they get better at predicting such outcomes based on statistics. But a bettor who tries everything has difficulty specializing and thus cannot make as objective bets as the one who specializes.

Do the same thing with casino games. Find a game you enjoy and practice playing it until you understand how it works. Generally, it would help if you started by playing demo games as these will not set you back financially. Then, once you have figured out the ins and outs of a game, you can put some money on it. While you may feel tempted to try ten games at once, that only robs you of the chance to develop skills in a given game.


4.    Avoid Emotional Gaming

According to various scientific reports, people often make irrational decisions when emotional. Take the example of someone who is angry. They might decide to ignore their bankroll and play with more money because they are furious with someone. And while that might seem rational in the heat of the moment, it can have horrible repercussions. As such, it is best to avoid playing games when you feel:

  • Depressed or sad,
  • Angry,
  • Uncomfortable,
  • Anxious/ tense, or
  • Any other feeling outside of what you usually feel.

During these times, your reasoning suffers a hit that impairs your decision-making.


5.    Focus on RTPs.

Before you bet on a sport, you must look at how the teams and players compare to those on the other team. And this knowledge helps you make objective decisions which are not based on how you feel. Bettors who do this often enjoy more success than those who go in without studying the teams at play.

In the same way, you should understand the state of the casino game you want to play. Specifically, you should look at the payout percentage to players, otherwise known as the return to player percentage. It determines how favourable the odds are to you and how favourable they are to the house. And while the house always wins, games with higher RTPs allow you to increase your winning chances.

Interestingly, the RTPs are not standard across different websites. Thus, you can look at which sites pay out more often and focus on playing on these. It is like shopping for odds, as you would do when betting on sports.


6.    Try Different Betting Systems

Usually, casino games come down to luck such that using a betting system rarely influences the outcome. However, strategies can help you figure out how to play after winning or losing. Examples include the martingale system, where you double your bet after each loss to win back your losses. Or the Labouchere system, which relies on negative progression. Keep in mind that none of these strategies guarantees a win. Instead, they impact your bankroll and can help you manage your money and save more.

Winning in casino games primarily relies on luck, save for when playing skilled games like blackjack. Thus, the best approach is to understand the games and place objective stakes. Most importantly, you should remember to have fun!

Written by YBIG 12

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