The Chances of Ireland reaching Euro 2016

The Euro 2016 matches in France is only a few months away, all eyes are on Martin O’Neill and his Republic of Ireland team.

After their 4-1 victory over the US in November, the boys in green were on cloud 9; that is until a few days later after a 1-0 loss to Scotland at Celtic Park, a victory that was managed by striker Shaun Maloney scoring for the home side. Scotland have been improving under tenor recently but Ireland’s poor display in Glasgow showed that maybe the Irish side flying on all cylinders. For example, although they did show a strong opening for the first half they were quickly beaten back by the Scottish defence as they mounted one failing attack after another before Maloney scored that game winning goal in the 75th minute.

To counter this poor performance, Martin will have to make sure his side isn’t going to focus too much on the defeat especially since they have got some crucial games coming up in 2015. Ireland still has to play Poland both home and away, and will need at least four points to have a chance at qualifying out of Group D for the European Championships. The first and last time Ireland managed to qualify for the European Championships was back in 1988, so there is quite a lot riding on the current Irish squad. So you can see how tenuous their grip is and how important an entry to the 2016 Euro matchups will be to them.

But it is not all doom and gloom for the Irish side as their next games are all going to be on their home turf and Ireland tend to perform well at home. Although I would not put any money on them pulling out anything spectacular just yet, in fact it will be safer to put your money in mobile casino games instead, at least there you will get some return. Ireland’s main problem stems from a lack of consistency; they normally have one good result from a game which is then followed by two or three completely underwhelming performances. This makes their entry to the Championship a hard one to call but so far it’s currently leaning towards them missing out again. So if you’re planning on betting on them entering the 2016 Euro Championship you would probably be better off putting your cash elsewhere, like on a site found on With those your winnings aren’t reliant on Ireland’s pitch performance. To improve their chances Martin O’Neil needs to get his squad to be more consistent with their games as well as work on their communication, there’s too many simple mistakes being made that could’ve been easily avoided. If they can fix that they may just make it to the 2016 European Championships.

Written by YBIG 12

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