Can Bingo Halls Survive the Massive Growth of Online Bingo


Bingo is one of the most popular games in both land-based and online casinos. Millions of people across the globe have begun to play bingo over the years.

Bingo halls are known to be places where people come to have fun and connect with new people. It is really exciting to experience the vibrant atmosphere in the hall while talking to friends, or even new people.

The introduction of the internet has impacted the way that we play almost every game. Bingo is no exception. For example, tickety bingo reviews have influenced a lot of new punters to sign up for the game. This news is not a good one for traditional bingo gaming hubs. Can bingo halls weather the storm, despite the numerous betting sites popping up every day? Find out in this guide as we explore the available facts.

Why is the popularity of bingo halls waning? Most young people prefer internet games.

Young individuals like to play bingo on their smart devices. The convenience of playing online cannot be denied because of the ability to play anywhere and anytime. The statistics also prove it. The market has seen a steady rise in the population of online bingo players.

This development is not good for bingo halls. Also, most people in the previous generation who love to do things the old-school way are already retiring. They are already finding it hard to attend their usual sessions.

The recent COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the flow of public activities

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic strained the physical setting of the casino industry. Due to the virus, mass gatherings were banned. To put things in perspective, the revenue for US casinos fell from 31.3% to 30% in 2020, which was the lowest in about two decades.

This was a big blow for the bingo halls and a massive advantage for online betting. Most new punters did not get to taste the beauty and splendor of bingo halls. It will take some time before the physical gambling enterprise recovers.

Online bingo offers more prizes and incentives

The big online gambling companies do their best to entice punters with many bonuses, free treats, and no deposit bonuses.

As online bingo sites get new players and make more money, it becomes easier for them to offer free gifts to their players.

It is difficult for bingo halls to compete in this domain because they keep losing players. Losing players means losing revenue.


Is there a difference between the online and land-based versions of Bingo?

There isn’t much difference between online and land-based bingo bouts. Both games rely on probability because the result depends on your ticket numbers getting called first.

Thanks to the live version of online bingo, it is also possible to socialize to an extent while playing it. However, there are some differences.

  • Bingo halls usually offer only the 75-ball and 90-ball format of the game while online casinos offer more versions of the game.
  • Bingo halls offer lower jackpots compared to online betting sites.


How can bingo halls be revived?

It is not too late to set up the ancient landmarks. Bingo halls can still rise again. If you own one of such establishments or plan to build one, these pieces of advice will be useful.

Location is important

It is important for casino halls to be in close proximity to places with a high number of punters. For example, Las Vegas and Macau are two strategic cities that contain many potential customers for bingo betting customers.

No matter where you are located on the planet, take advantage of economically booming areas that will favor a brick-and-mortar bingo house.

Make sure your betting services align with the population density, makeup, and demography of the region. Old, mature, and rich people are more inclined to spend their time in a physical gambling house compared to any other set of people.

Pursue an integrated approach of online and land-based betting

It is possible to run brick-and-mortar and internet-based bingo platforms at the same time. Many modern retail companies and commercial stores work this way.

Some people simply love to do things the old-school way. This way, you will have a “face” for your casino establishment and also satisfy a large audience on the internet.

Final thoughts

Can digital technology make bingo halls go into extinction? In the meantime, it is impossible to come to a certain conclusion. Despite the ease and flexibility of online bingo sites, they cannot match the social impact of a bingo hall.

If the operators of land-based gambling take the right marketing steps, bingo halls will not be phased out. It will be a good thing if both the online and physical gaming systems can operate simultaneously. Time will tell!

Written by YBIG 12

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