How online casinos changed the gambling experience in Ireland


For centuries, gambling has always been a part of Irish tradition and European culture. People in Ireland love to visit public events, have a few drinks, and stake their bets on the most interesting games. They love football, the lottery, bingo games, and horse racing.

The digital technology of online casino sites has transformed every Irish punter’s experience. Of the many betting sites operating in the country, 888casino has a firm grip on Irish punters because of its legal approval and wide range of games. Let us explore how the Irish gambling landscape has evolved.

A brief overview of the betting industry in Ireland

Before 1956, Ireland didn’t have any explicit regulations about any form of gambling. At the turn of that year, things began to change as the country closed its mind to the fun and entertainment associated with games of chance. In 1956, the Irish government established the Gaming and Lotteries Act 1956 to outlaw any betting activity.

But over the years, things have loosened up, regulations have been relaxed, and the sports betting and casino markets have become highly competitive. Today, legal gambling in Ireland has a stable and well-organized structure. If you need legal advice on internet gambling in Ireland, you can even talk to an attorney.

The age limit to participate in any form of online betting is 16 years and above. Any casino or Sports betting site that plans to operate in Ireland must have a license and also pay taxes.

Ways by which online casinos have shaped the betting experience in Ireland 

The betting industry in Ireland is under constant evolution. Let us see some of the impacts of online casinos on Ireland.

Bigger target market

One of the biggest impacts of online casinos is their ability to reach many people, irrespective of their age, location, or financial ability. In the early days of brick-and-mortar casinos, only the majority of the top-class people of Irish society had access to these exquisite gambling services.

Moreover, there were only a few casino operators in those days. But online casinos have changed that. As internet speeds get higher and more people get access to smartphones, the population of punters only keeps increasing.

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Increased number of games

In the past, you probably had to turn the lever of a mechanical slot machine over and over again. Perhaps, you could also play other card games to keep time running. There wasn’t much variety. However, online casinos have changed this kind of structure.

In the early days, they did a good job of replicating and adapting the classic land-based games for smartphones and computer systems. To prevent people from getting bored, software development firms are stepping up by producing newer and better games with solid graphics. They have also introduced better themes, special animations, and interesting soundtracks to make the games more exciting  Today, the Irish casino market offers.

  • Progressive jackpot type of games
  • Online slots with a variable number of reels
  • Bingo and keno (lotteries)
  • Live dealer games
  • Table games (such as roulette, craps, blackjack, and baccarat)

Faster and better modes of payment

Thanks to fintech solutions, online casinos in Ireland have also been able to benefit from the use of various financial transaction methods. Examples include

  • Digital currencies (such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Bitcoin cash)
  • Credit and debit cards (such as MasterCard)
  • Prepaid cards
  • E-wallets (Skrill and Neteller)

With the exception of cryptocurrency, most of the payment methods above have been in use for a while. Therefore, the introduction of digital currency sparked a revolution in every bettor’s gambling experience. Between 2018 and 2020, the total worldwide number of cryptocurrency users increased by about 190%. Digital coins are already standing side-by-side with fiat money.  Its speed, anonymity, and ease of use are almost perfect.

Better customer service feedback system

The level of customer satisfaction from online casinos cannot be unmatched. There are several ways by which you can lodge complaints if you aren’t satisfied. You can do so via email, live chat, or even social media. Some betting sites have an AI controlled chatbots to reply to messages quickly

Ability to play anywhere and anytime

In today’s world, we use our digital devices in almost every instance. Online casinos have taken advantage of this phenomenon to give gamblers the best experience possible. Almost every casino game is compatible with tablets and smartphones. With a smartphone and a reasonably stable internet connection, you can play any game at any time.

Final Thoughts 

From this short write-up, can you see the immense impact of online casino technology on our overall gambling experience? And with the outlook of things, there is still more to come, and the global population of online punters will only continue to increase. Expect virtual reality and augmented reality technologies to facilitate people’s betting experiences. Keep your heads up!

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