Great Irish football documentaries

So, you’ve scanned through the list of Netflix films and docs for the umpteenth time and still can’t find anything good to watch. Enough, no more binge-watching tv shows you don’t even like as your friend told you it was “amazing”. Sometimes you just need to think differently and select a topic and you’ll find a trove of good suggestions. You can google ‘Good Irish football documentaries’ yourself or you can read on and let us pick a few excellent docs just like some of the best casino movies out there.

Jack Charlton: The Irish Year’s

The Irish Year’s tells the story of Jack Charlton, who managed the Ireland team from 1986 to 1996. The legendary manager who passed away in July 2020. Was the greatest Irish manager of all time taking Ireland to the first Euro Championship in 1988 and World Cup two years later in 1990.

This documentary was released in 2005 and narrated by Colm Meaney to celebrate the 20th anniversary of when Jack Charlton became the Irish Manger—marking the most successful period of the Irish football national team. The documentary also features former players Andy Townsend, Ray Houghton, and Paul McGrath.

Frank O’Farrell: The Shadow of Busby

Francis O’Farrell was an Irish football player who played for West Ham and Cork United and managed Manchester United, Torquay United, Cardiff City, Leicester City, Iran and Al-Shaab.

This documentary details a never before told story of how O’Farrell made history by being the first Irish manager of Manchester United and the success he achieved with the team – and how he was also let down by the club.

Keane & Vieira: Best of Enemies

If you’re a long time soccer fan, even more, an Arsenal or a Manchester United fan, then you must have witnessed the rivalry of not just the two teams but that of Keane and Vieira. Two of the most prominent footballers in their squad – Keane played for Manchester United, while Vieira played for Arsenal. It was a fierce rivalry that caught the attention of fans alike.

This documentary tells the tales of the past rivalry and how it impacted both players, as both were in a constant battle to lead their respective teams to claim the premier league title in the early 2000s.

In this documentary, both the players travel down memory lane to depict how their rivalry was a historic feat.

George Best: All by Himself

George Best while not a Republic of Ireland player was the greatest player to come from the island and thus deserving of inclusion. He spent most of his club career playing for Manchester United, from the highs of winning their first European Cup to the lows of injuries and leaving the club while he should have been at his peak.

This documentary, George Best, shines more light on the life and career of George Best, being a football legend and showing how a young prodigy from Northern Ireland became a global phenomenon. Whilst depicting how the Irish legend struggled with alcoholism.

Documentary: Inside the Mind of Roy Keane

Released in 2003, this documentary tells the story of the highs and lows of footballer and Manchester United legend Roy Keane. This documentary details the life and career of the Irish man; although controversial, still, it shines a light on the story of one of the best footballers born out of Ireland and the massive contribution he has brought to the world of soccer. Fans get to evaluate the psychological profile of Roy Keane.

Finding Jack Charlton

This sad and poignant account of Charlton’s later years as he battles with dementia and finds it hard to recall many of the highlights of a wonder life, career and family man. Any Ireland fan will be brought to tears. Unmissable

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