Seamus Coleman thanks fans for support

Seamus Coleman has given his first interview since his double leg break, on the same day that Neil Taylor received a two game ban for the challenge which caused the injury.

The Irish captain spoke to about his recovery, and says he’s “looking forward to the challenge” of making a full comeback from his injury.

The 28 year old also thanked Everton and Ireland fans for all the support he has received since being stretchered off the pitch at the Aviva Stadium on March 25th.

“It’s great to be back, nice to see everyone again – it’s like my first day all over again,” said the full back.

“Obviously, I’d rather be fit and well but I’ve had a good month at home in Ireland to get my head around everything and now I’m ready to get back to work.

“I’m not on social media. It was tempting to go back on to thank everyone but I thought I’d wait to come back here to do the interview and just to say thank you for the support I’ve had from the two management teams, from the doctors, the surgeons and all the fans back home and here.”

Coleman described Everton as “a special club”, and said that all the well wishes he’s received will get him through this tough period in his impressive career.

“Until something like this happens you don’t always realise how fortunate you are to play for this Club, to play for the national team and to have all that support behind me.

“Every little card meant so much to me and my family. All those well-wishes will get me through this tough period because people have gone out of their way to send cards, to send prayers and it definitely gets you through it.

“I always knew this was a great club, a special club. I never wanted this injury to happen but it has reminded me that the Club is amazing, as is the support I had from all the fans.

“I try to get involved as much as I can and help people outside of the game and I think I got that support back 10 times over.

“I couldn’t possibly thank everyone because there’s too many but everyone has played their part so far and it’s my job now to do the rest and get back on that pitch.”

Written by david_smith

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