The Nations League draw


So here we go again it’s the Nations League.

The old saying is ‘if you think you know quantum physics then you don’t know quantum physics’, this can be applied to the Nations League format the equation is QP/NLF=H.A.F.C. I’ll let you work out that conundrum yourself.

So what’s happening?
On December 16th the draw for the Nations League will take place. Ireland are in Group B. In our two previous Nations Leagues we have yet to win a game, which makes it rather remarkable that we are still in the second tier of the competition. As you can see on the UEFA NL results page we were the 3rd worst team by results but we didn’t get relegated, whereas Turkey with 6 points did and are in group C.

What teams are in League B?
We are in POT 4 so we will get one team from each of the other pots. As you can see there is a lot of good sides in these groups, which will be an excellent test for Kenny.


Best outcome
Finland, Bosnia and Montenegro

Worst outcome
Ukraine, Sweden and Serbia

When are the games?
Matchdays 1 & 2: 2–8 June 2022

Matchdays 3 & 4: 8–14 June 2022

Matchdays 5 & 6: 22–27 September 2022

What are the odds?
Ask us after the draw. If we get a victory in any of the games it will be a big improvement and if you want to bet then take a look at, the online betting platform.

What happens after the group games?
Well this is where it get’s confusing. We don’t know and neither do UEFA. Take a read of UEFA’s official information on it. Maybe when they saw that a team as bad as Ireland could finish last in the NL group, finish 3rd in their Euro qualifying campaign and still be in the play offs for the Euros that there was something wrong there.

Final thoughts? 
Despite its strange format the NL has been brilliant, teams get to play against similar standard teams, and the NL Finals have been a real success with the recent games between Italy, France, Spain and Belgium producing some fine fare. Whenever there is a competitive element introduced teams and players just want to win.
FACT: They are so much better than boring friendlies.

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