World Cup jerseys

World Cup jerseys pull on the heart strings of nostalgia, ask any football fan to name their favourites and I can guarantee you its based on their age, the tournament and other factors important to them, very few will choose them based on their design. So its no surprise that Irish fans favourite jerseys are from the World Cups and Euros we qualified for, despite so many examples of better looking and fitting jerseys over the years. You can check them all on Eddies brilliant museum site Ireland Soccer Shirts

YBIG played the American fans team last week and one of the Irish players had the grey USA World Cup 94 jersey, the fans were offering to buy it and swap it (it can be bought on ebay for around 350). So for them its special as it was the first time hosting the WC, and might have kicked off those fans love affair with the game. As a jersey though it is horrendous looking.

At the moment the Nigeria WC jersey is sold out  and they could have sold millions more, well I certainly wouldnt be queuing for it. Here are more jerseys choices

My top 5 of WC 2018

5 Saudi Arabia

Got to love that eagle crest

4 Argentina

Like the Brazil jersey it’s just iconic, but they have made a superb one this year

3 Brazil

retro, colourful and damn sweet

2 Belgium

A design befitting of the finest box of Belgium chocolates

1 Japan

Pac Man springs to mind, whatever the design idea behind it is a beautiful jersey

Written by YBIG 12

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