Why online gambling is legal in many countries?

With online casinos hosting over 160 million gamers, it is almost unimaginable that any state would think of side-lining the online gambling industry. That can explain why online gambling has been legalized in countries across the globe. The digital economy has chiefly contributed to the growth and expansion of online gambling. Users can now enjoy innumerable gaming options, a secure gaming platform, payment methods of their choice, and an unmatched gaming experience at

Why Online Gambling Regulation is Imperative?

Online gambling rules vary widely with respect to countries. It also varies from one state to another in some countries. In Europe, there is no such thing as one gambling regulation applicable to every country.

Interestingly, regulations boil down to the different online casino games. In some countries, specific laws permit some gambling games and restrict others. For instance, in Spain, the laws accept slots, poker, and roulette yet the same law has put in place strict measures on lotteries.

Legal measures were established to mitigate criminal activities and fraud that were common on online gambling websites.  The authorities deemed it fit to bring into place the laws as a way of safeguarding the interest of the players and the country’s financial system.

Online casinos are required to pay a lot of money to the regulator and adhere to some strict guidelines. Sites that do not meet the criteria will be denied a license to operate. Despite the requirement, some unlicensed casinos can still operate online, posing a serious risk to gamers. It is prudent to always check if the online casino is licensed.

Legal Status of Gambling across the Globe

Countries where Gambling is Illegal Countries where Gambling is legal
  • Brunei
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Cambodia
  • North Korea
  • Singapore
  • Cyprus
  • Qatar
  • Lebanon
  • Ecuador
  • European countries-Denmark, Portugal, Malta, Netherlands, Germany, Norway, France, Russia, Spain, Gibraltar, Poland, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Ireland, and Hungary.
  • Australia and New Zealand
  • Asian Countries-Goa, Sikkim, Kazakhstan, and the Philippines.
  • African Countries-Kenya, Algeria, South Africa, Mauritius, Morocco, Ivory Coast, and Cape Verde.
  • American Countries – North American countries, some regions of Canada, Countries in Central America and the Caribbean (Costa Rica, Honduras, Salvador, and Trinidad), and South American countries (Panama, Argentina, and Peru have legalized partially).


Why Online Gambling is Legal in Many Countries?

Online gambling has been legalized in many countries for a number of reasons:

  •  Tax Factor

The EU gambling industry generated a whooping €108,5bn in gross revenue in the year 2022. This was an increase of 23 percent as compared to the year 2021. With this kind of income comes a tax element that benefits the country’s economy.

Online and land-based casinos rake revenues to the tune of billions, which if not regulated will disappear.  Countries have seen it fit to legalize gambling since that is the surest way of facilitating economic growth through the revenues collected in the form of taxes.

  • Gamer Safety and Security

It is imperative that confidential gamer information is handled with the uttermost care and without disclosure. Data such as identification documents, address, and credit card information are provided by the gamer to the casinos and these should never be disclosed or compromised.

The legalization of gambling ensures such data is secured using encryption technology to keep it safe from fraud and unauthorized access. The fact that legal frameworks are in place to safeguard the gamer makes it possible for users to report to the relevant authority in case they suspect their data is being misused.

  • Employment Avenues

The gambling industry has without doubt created some of the most lucrative jobs. Programmers, hostesses, waiters, software developers, customer support staff, and many other jobs have been created by online and offline gambling.

Governments appreciate this value and have, therefore, legalized gambling. Asides, gambling areas have attracted traffic thus making it possible for other industries to thrive. Gambling makes it possible for hobbyists and full-time gamblers to fend for themselves and their families.

  •  Best Way to Tackle Gambling Addiction

One of the biggest threats to online gambling is addiction. Compulsive wagering has had some devastating effects on gamers. However, stats show that addicts will always emerge irrespective of whether gambling is legal or not.

The legalization of gambling allows the government to come up with solutions to the gambling problem. The addicted will also find it easier to seek help when the government has provided avenues and resources for addressing the issue.

  • Centre of Attraction for Tourists

Major gambling cities such as Las Vegas, Macau, and Atlanta have become global centers of attraction. They have become preferred global destinations for tourists from all over the world thus generating income for their countries. The glamour and appeal associated with gambling joints provide a center for socialization for visitors from all walks of life.

Legalizing gambling in such places has made it possible for cities to grow and thrive. Luxury hotels, attractions, and business and leisure resources emerge as a result of tourism. That is precisely why the majority of governments have legalized gambling.

  • Best way to Promote Responsible Gambling

Nations that have put in place laws that govern online gambling are in a better position of promoting responsible gambling. Casinos are subjected to stringent regulations that result in hefty fines or loss of license when broken. That then means gamers are also guided accordingly by the online casino.

Legalized casinos set clear expectations for their players and that helps promote responsible gambling. Unfortunately, there still exist some online casinos that are not licensed. In such a case the gamer is required to review the casino before gambling on the platform. It is always better to be safe than regret it later.


Truly, the global online gambling space has continued to expand significantly without showing signs of slowing down. Clearly, there is no stopping it, no wonder governments across the globe have legalized online gambling. The future of the gambling industry is highly promising given the increase in gaming software, technology, and the adoption of crypto by online casinos. The industry has also remained adaptive and receptive to change and this has contributed hugely to its growth.

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