What do live casino croupiers do?

Croupiers, also known as dealers, are found in land-based and online casinos. But, what exactly do live casino croupiers do? A croupier is the backbone of a live casino because players usually enter a live casino while craving the feel of a land-based casino. Now, let’s be honest, though a land-based casino setting is there, a dealer makes things feel more real in a live casino as they are directly communicating to players. Please continue reading if you’ve been wondering what croupiers do in an online casino or how their roles differ from those working in land-based casinos.

The Responsibilities of a Live Casino Croupier

Live casino is the answer when craving a land-based casino experience but can’t visit one. Live casino croupiers make that space vibrant and familiar enough for you to fill that void of longing for an authentic casino experience. They do this by working and controlling the progress of casino table games such as roulette, blackjack, poker, and baccarat.

As a dealer, you also have the role of personal relations agent. You must interact with customers by answering their questions and keeping the conversation going. Remember, casino games are all about fun; players want to be kept entertained, and therefore, dealers must be able to multitask. Manage the game and interact with players.

You can visit a complete list of new live casinos, and you’ll find these highly trained individuals on point and professional every time you play. Dealers put in a lot of work to perform well in their jobs. This includes knowing the rules of the game, the gestures, and other strictly regulated actions. While doing all these responsibilities, dealers must be polite, calm, friendly, and cheerful.

Learning and Training to be a Croupier

Casinos aren’t very strict when recruiting croupiers. Your math needs to show that you’ll be able to do the calculations required on some of the table games almost instantly. You need good communication skills as you will also have to interact with players.

So, a course is provided to new casino applicants so they can become the professional croupiers we come across in live casinos. They are taught the game rules, how to behave at the tables, and how to communicate with customers. If a student or trainee passes all the required levels of the course, then they become a croupier and represent the casino on table games.

Croupier Do’s and Don’ts

There are things you must do and not do as a live dealer other than mastering the games and communicating with customers. Just like international football fans balance that with being a fan of their wives’ food, you have to balance between the customer and the casino. At the end of each game, you must have represented the casino well while simultaneously acting in the best interest of the players as well. How do you do this?

Remember, the casino doesn’t want in any way there to be a case of cheating. Some customers come with that intention. You are trained to know the signs; no matter how unsure you are, you must report such acts. When you don’t report and the player was cheating, the casino can lose large sums of money, and you’ll lose your job as a live dealer croupier.

Some players come with so much confidence and place large bets and end up losing large sums of money. Do not mock them or make any negative remarks related to them losing. Customers can complain about this, which can get you in trouble. Some players gamble a lot, so if you see one that has been frequent on the tables and seems to be putting too much energy on the games, it’s your responsibility to report them. Your job is to keep the players entertained, but you must also look for their safety and well-being.

Benefits of Being a Croupier

Here is a list of live casino croupier benefits:

  • Playing casino games for free
  • Socializing with different people
  • Earning a high income of over $100,000 per year
  • Can be trained in a couple of weeks
  • There’s flexibility as most live casinos open 24/7, so you can choose a shift that works for you
  • Earning tips, players elect tips for live dealers

Final Thoughts

Being a live casino croupier is not very different from a land-based casino. The training usually requires the same training course, skills, and behavior. You must be able to start and end a table game while interacting with customers in a calm yet cheerful manner. You also have to be careful not to put the casino at risk of losing funds through customer game cheating while serving the customer well by congratulating them when they have won or not making negative remarks when they have lost. If you follow all the necessary rules and do your work efficiently, you will continue to enjoy great benefits.

Written by YBIG 12

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