What are casino slots?

In the era of technology development it seems such a crying shame to ignore the opportunity for new customers’ attraction – thought mobile app creators and designed online casino slots. The crucial difference between online slots and regular ones is the option to play whenever you want from any spot all over the world. Also, keeping clients’ time is the second engine of progress in this situation, therefore we don’t need as much efforts as it was earlier just to play slots. All you need is logging into your account and choosing a game you would like to play. There are pretty much discussions concerning this topic. The half considers that the feature removes all the heat and sense of slot machines. Others are sure that it helps to attract more consumers, but the thing is that everyone here can find pros for themselves. If you are a fan of online versions, you came into the right place. Here, we are going to discuss the most popular types of online slots, prepare your notebooks.

Branded Slots

If we are talking about the trendiest online slots in Ireland, it is surely these guys. What does “branded” mean? These kinds of slots are referred to your preferences in any popular field of mass-media sphere. It can be movies, Tv-shows, series, favorite brands or even sports. What are the reasons for such big popularity? There are 2 main key factors. First of all – higher budget. Taking into consideration this fact, you realize that the quality of such kinds of slots is much bigger and more exciting than usual ones. The second crucial point is responsibility before the brand indeed. The most bright representatives are The Dark Knight, Jumanji and Jimi Hendrix Online Slot.

Video Slots

These are the classical slots that you’ve seen thousands of times, surfing the Internet. As for us nothing special in them, but they are the basis from which a wide range of others were created. They have such a diversity of options as bonus rounds, pay lines, additional and mini-games. They took the best from their ancestors: classics and atmosphere and transformed them into games with high-technology graphics. A lot of them are classified according to RTP. Well-known examples for this category are Starburst, Dead or Alive or  Gonzo’s Quest. 

Jackpot Slots

One of the most famous slots due to its reputation of a quick moneymaker. There is a chance to win a big amount of cash just for the wheel spinning, captivating, isn’t it? It is worthy of note that there are 2 kinds of these slots: progressive and standard. Let’s have a look at each of them. Standard jackpot slots are often coordinated by the casino or the designer. It is a fixed jackpot and it happens when the gambler gets the right winning combination. After that the jackpot renews and the game starts from the beginning. The progressive jackpot slots have other mechanics. The sum of the winning depends on players’ amount, because it continues to grow on their rolling basis and from each made spin. The trendiest representatives are Mega Moolah, Arabian Nights and Mega Fortune.

Classic Slots

The scheme is almost the same as in Video-slots, but more classic. These kinds of games are meant to imitate slot games from our childhood and old films like Friends, letting us feel all the nostalgic atmosphere. The variety of features doesn’t differ from the same old Video-slots, except maybe higher RTP. Check out the coolest games from this paragraph: Couch Potato, Break Da Bank, Double Whammy.

Final word

Here we’ve discussed the most famous types of online slots that you can try in Ireland. Due to its wide variety, everyone could find something special for them. Don’t hesitate and join millions of cool opportunities to become a jackpot owner.

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