The ref life

Playing for an Irish team is an experience all by itself, but when you consider factors outside your closest teammates and manager staff, it’s a whole new world waiting for you to discover. A major role in Irish football is recognised in the referees. Players have been known to dread their luck or thank the heavens before the start of a game, all depending on the person holding the yellow and red cards. Sports betting enthusiasts are just as likely to cling on the selection of referee, both for the sake of their favorite team and themselves.

With so many people relying on this person to aid or destroy their only chance of success, some have even tried to identify the types of referees they could encounter during their career. Read on and learn all about them, their main features and the ways you can benefit or suffer consequences due to their mood swings.

The Friendly One

You’re lucky to get the friendly referee who will ask you anything from your college courses to your favorite home-cooked meal. Even if he doesn’t get into that many details, there is bound to be a question or two about work or a get-together after the game ends. You might feel a bit bored by his chatty personality, but you’ll count your blessings when dealing with other refs on this list.

No Talking Back On His Watch

If you were likely to have a heart-to-heart with the previous type, this one won’t let you mouth a single word that seems out of line. So, basically, you are left with your mouth shut throughout the game, hoping it will end without any extra time.

The One that is easily Sweet-talked

You might feel a bit guilty for making use of his kindness, but remember it’s for a higher purpose and continue sweet-talking this type of referee while you can. He is especially partial to team captains, so leave it up to the leader to get him in a good mood.

Having this type of referee on your side doesn’t mean a sure win, but it could help you out of a messy situation if you remain in his good grace by the time the sweet-talking ends.

The Whistler

If you thought that The Whisperer is a good title for a scary thriller, stay tuned until you experience the ‘Whistler’ first hand. This type of referee is known to whistle at you for practically anything. Trying to stay under his radar is the best tactic you could employ, but there is no sure-proof way to help you save your ears.

The Pushover

This might well be the worst combination of all previous types. The ‘pushover’ is always trying to catch someone red-handed, but when it comes to making the final decision, he is all but gone out the field. Insisting on his decision could get him flustered and leave you waiting for his coherence to return. As it appears, his indecisiveness gets the worse of him.

Written by YBIG 12

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