The Best Football-Themed Games for Irish Fans

The Republic of Ireland’s national football team isn’t scheduled to play in many games this year. Without a spot in the World Cup, the only competition it’s involved in is the UEFA Nations League with League B group games against Scotland and Armenia scheduled to take place in late September.

With so few opportunities to see the team in action, fans may be looking for other ways to enjoy their love of football over the summer and into the autumn. One great way to do this is to play some of the many football-themed games that are available for just about every platform on the market.

If you like the sound of this, here are some of the best football games available right now.


FIFA is the daddy of all football games and is often regarded as the most realistic of them all. This helps EA’s football title to become the dominant player in the esports version of the beloved sport. In fact, many major football teams are even creating their own esports squads to take part in FIFAe competitions that mirror real-world leagues and tournaments.

With an updated version released by EA every year, it offers football fans the most realistic simulation of the beautiful game on the market. With official licenses with almost every major club, league, and player on the planet, FIFA is the full package.

Players have the option to compete alone against AI, with their friends on the same machine, or online with anyone else that has the game.

The 2021 edition, which was released last autumn, saw EA make upgrades to the Career Mode feature, giving fans the opportunity to enjoy several in-game years of progression without the badgering of microtransactions found in the Ultimate Team mode.

It’s not hugely different to FIFA 20, but with FIFA 22 just around the corner, you can pick up the 2021 game for a very reasonable price.

Rocket League

If you prefer to play a more arcade-style title that’s based around football, then Rocket League is probably the game for you.

Instead of controlling human players around a standard pitch, you’re responsible for a car or other similar vehicle and you need to drive into the ball to get it into the goal.

Rocket League first went on sale back in July 2015, but it continues to be popular today thanks to the continual string of updates it receives and the fact that it has been free-to-play since late 2020.

As an arcade game, Rocket League focuses entirely on fun and throws out any attempt at realism. The physics are exaggerated, cars don’t take damage, and you can even drive up the walls, but that’s what makes it so fun!

Football Manager

While FIFA focuses on simulating what it’s like to be a player, Football Manager puts you in a virtual dugout where you get to step into the shoes of Sir Alex Ferguson, Pep Guardiola, or Jürgen Klopp.

The game is one of the most intricate ever made, something that is widely praised by football fans who love to geek out on building the perfect squad and creating the right tactics and set pieces.

The latest release, Football Manager 2022, went on sale several months ago. Unlike FIFA, it can run on less powerful machines, making it more accessible.

The new game has also kept pace with advancements in the real world as more teams seek to take advantage of advanced analytics. Players of Football Manager 2022 can also get in on the action, with the new Data Hub which allows you to consult analysts about your team, its players, and the rivals you are due to face.

Progression remains strong as you start out with smaller teams and work your way up to the top flight, but the latest edition is more polished and more advanced than ever. It’s packed with features that will keep you entertained for hundreds or even thousands of hours.

Written by YBIG 12

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