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    Patrick O’Connell: One of Ireland’s great sportsmen?

    Earlier this week, a bronze bust honouring Patrick O’Connell was unveiled at Windsor Park. Alan McLean, a spokesperson for the Patrick O’Connell Memorial Fund, told the BBC that the memorial is “another milestone in the story of remembering Patrick O’Connell as one of the greatest ever Irish soccer men.” So who was Patrick O’Connell? O’Connell, […] More

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    Keano’s Way: Exclusive extracts from Roy Keane’s new film

    The Roy Keane diaries are brought to you by one of our forum users. Pop over to for all your banter with Ireland fans. From the makers of… 20th Century Fox brings you…. Starring Roy Keane and Sean Penn as the disloyal lawyer Michael Kennedy Keano’s Way a violent film by Quentin Tarantino September […] More

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    John O’Shea: Triumph and tragedy made in Belgium

    By Cian Manning ( The second largest port in Europe, Antwerp situated on the River Scheldt with a population of 510,610 typifies the scale of global trade. In essence it’s a remnant of the Belgian Colonial Empire made up largely of the territory of the present day Democratic Republic of Congo which was 76 times the […] More