7 Reasons why online gambling casinos are sponsoring football clubs

Online casinos have grown as an offshoot of traditional retail casinos. These platforms have advanced and graced the gambling industry with excellent gaming titles, flexibility, convenience, juicy promotions, multiple payment gateways, high-tech security, etc. Before now, players were sceptical of the option to play baccarat online due to several notable reasons like security and poor internet connection. Today, all doubts have been cleared. Moreover, the industry now has gambling options for players with crypto coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, etc.

Indeed, the growth of online casinos is commendable. The industry has been able to accommodate both low and high stake gamblers. For instance, the ​​aussielowdepositcasino platform allows low-income gamblers to explore and enjoy gambling. What’s more, this incredible growth has resulted in partnerships/sponsorships between online casinos, football clubs, and individual players in recent years. As part of the agreement deals, online casinos could sponsor the team’s kit, fund travel expenses, improve stadiums, etc.

But why are gambling operators involved mostly in football jersey sponsorship? Casino owners keep signing multi-billion dollar deals with football clubs. To the ordinary fan, such deals portray a show of wealth but are channelled into the wrong investment. However, these deals and alliances keep happening. Perhaps there is something more to these partnerships. Here, we will dive into seven (7) reasons why these partnerships are worth every penny to the online casino. Let’s begin.

Seven (7) Reasons for Partnering with Football Clubs

The relationship between football and online casinos has always been a solid one. Where there is football, you would undoubtedly find gambling. Here are reasons why these partnerships keep happening now and then:

Increased Credibility Rating

Online security is an individual’s top criterion when considering a casino brand. No gambler is willing to lose hard-earned real money to hackers or a fraudulent site. On the far side, gamblers are more worried about personal and financial details being leaked into the public space. This is why they don’t gamble or go out looking for a credible site for their gambling adventures.

The safety of gamblers is connected to the casino’s credibility. With multiple nefarious acts online, people find it hard to trust just any casino operator. But a credible casino brand would do its due diligence to provide players with a safe gambling space. Since online casinos are growing to become a force to reckon with, partnership with football clubs is one way they can boost their credibility, reputation, and perception in the public space. People understand that if their favourite football club is in alliance with an online casino, it must have done a background check, and such a casino brand is assumed legal and safe to play on. Additionally, since the authorities can see your adverts, it sends the impression of a legal and genuine business.

As mentioned earlier, football clubs’ chances of dealing with a dodgy casino operator are pretty negligible or zero. Seeing a casino brand consistently has a psychological impact on fans or other individuals. Trusting and registering on a frequently marketed brand by your club becomes easy. Fans will most likely patronize the brand because they are seen as legitimate.

Prime Publicity

Prime publicity is arguable the principal reason why online casino partner with football clubs. This partnership provides room for much exposure to potential customers. Let’s paint a scenario. A gambling operator with a sponsorship deal with a football club will have its signature (logo) on the team’s jersey, which would be seen by millions of viewers across the globe.

These football clubs play over 50 games in a season. This includes the favourite Champions League, Europa Leagues, etc. The record has it that about 3.5 billion people watch football worldwide. Doing the maths, that is indeed a considerable number of viewers. Individuals are glued to their screens for 90-minute, and the brand becomes planted in their subconsciousness. On the far side, fans and several other individuals buy their club jerseys. Since the casino sponsors the kits, you find the logo being publicize at these fans wear it in support of their clubs. This is free publicity stored in the subconscious of people who see those jerseys.

The goal is not necessary to get them to register. But some spectators would be drawn immediately. However, when others think about gambling, the publicized brand (already in the subconscious) easily comes to mind. If the gambling operator is new to the betting market, it automatically becomes more familiar to the public. People’s perceptions about it can’t be faulty. For older brands, it also has the same effect. They gain more traction and awareness. It becomes easy to understand why casinos are willing to pay juicy amounts to sponsor football clubs.

Juicy Profits for the Casino

With a great brand image and heightened awareness among football lovers and the general public, most football fans would sign up with the online casino brand. Note that the general public is also not left out. Individuals who may not be football fans but love other sports or those who pick an interest in gambling are the targets. An increased customer base for the casino is its primary goal to turn in more profit. More profit, more sponsorships for the clubs.

How does the club help with the awareness? By posting odds on their social media platforms in addition to jerseys and other marketing merchandise. Most online casinos also have a betting section, offering great betting offers on a long list of sports events. Promotions, thrilling tournaments, etc., of the casino brand, can also be posted on the club’s website and media outlets.

Standout Among Competitors

The consumer market doesn’t necessarily increase fast, and online casinos must do everything possible to get and keep their customer base. There is no better way to stand out from your competitors than sponsoring or partnering with a football club side. Now and then, a new gambling site springs up, offering the same products and services. The competition has become more fierce.

To stand out means more perception, recognition, and trust among users and potential customers, which is an edge over other online casinos. Partnership with the most famous sports globally is a sure way to get all these. Although these partnerships are not cheap, the operator is more aware of the benefits it brings. With sponsorship, they gain a massive following, which translates into revenue.

Football Fans Love to Gamble

Casino operators understand that football has a huge following (more the 3.5 billion) and football fans love and enjoy gambling. Fans are practically the same audience these brands are trying to lure. And that’s an innovative way of building a fanbase. The enthusiastic fans are enormous; they are also young lads with ample time and disposable income. These young men are most likely to gamble with the operator whose image has been improved publicly.

On the other hand, most online casinos have a betting section. It becomes easy for a fan to place a live bet if he feels a preferred team would win. He brings out his mobile device to search for a betting site. But instead of going through the plethora of options, he quickly remembers the casino brand he sees on his club’s jersey.

If there is a specific market an online casino wishes to penetrate, they can go for top teams in the league. For instance, if an operator wants to create a customer base in Spain, a top club like Real Madrid or Barcelona would be an excellent choice to sponsor its activities. Likewise, if they are interested in a global market, they go all out for clubs with that rating and reach. Essentially, clubs that qualify for the Champions League or Europa League.

Public Perception of Gambling

Before this time, the gambling industry faced much backlash. Gambling products were unregulated, and many illegal operators sprung up and took advantage of gamblers. This thwarted the image of gambling. So, many countries tagged the act as illegal and banned their citizens and residents from such activities. However, there have been some new developments because they found how this favourite pastime activity could be regulated.

Today, online gambling has had more engagements, leading to the industry’s growth into a billion-dollar industry. The wrong name it had has gradually faded, and it is seen with a new and fresh perspective. To change its old public perception, casino operators go into sponsorship deals with well-favoured football clubs. Also, sports authorities have permitted football clubs to initiate agreements with gambling operators. This has helped get more casinos to sponsor club football.

Promoting Safe Gambling

Legal online casinos have a code of conduct because reputable authorities license them. One important aspect of gambling online casinos promote is responsible gambling. Football clubs know that their fans are involved in gambling, which has become an integral part of them. So, they partner with licensed online casinos to educate fans on safe gambling practices.

Generally, the gambling industry and football clubs attract competitive people focused on winning. Conversely, online casinos and the government ensure they meet the standard requirements for gambling. Through such endeavours, football fans are safeguarded from black-market gambling products. They must work together to enhance safe, effective, and efficient gambling policies.

Clubs that have Partnered with online casinos

Over the years, there have been a series of strong partnerships between gambling sites and football clubs. Beyond the ad campaigns and targeted marketing, this synergy has created a broader reach for each platform. Football clubs offer sponsorship deals; on the other hand, top casino operators have managed football teams.

As a result of these relationships, online gambling has a better perception in public spaces and keeps making waves across the globe. Many states are beginning to legalize their products and services to gain from this massive industry. Here is a list of clubs that have partnership deals.


  • Real Madrid

Real Madrid is one of the world’s biggest and most successful clubs. The Spanish club has a global appeal and a colossal fanbase that spreads across Europe. Who wouldn’t be proud of pioneering deals with them? Over the years, the club has built great relationships with several gambling operators. Examples include Bwin, Codere, etc.

  • Manchester City

The premier league holders are a beautiful side to partner with. They are no strangers to gambling sponsors. With their winning streak and Europe tour, it is easy to bring any online casino brand to the limelight. Man City has had deals with 8XBet, MarathonBet, etc.

  • Everton

We could refer to this premier league side as a mid-range team. However, it is one of the many football clubs that has benefited from partnering with online casinos. For instance, Everton has a deal with, a fantastic gambling site with crypto interests.

  • West Ham United

West Ham United is no new football club as regards gambling sponsors. The premier league side officially wears the logo of its official sponsor – Betway, for all matches. Nobody sees this team as a trophy contender, but it has always been a headache for top EPL clubs. Its deal with Betway started in 2015 and is ongoing. This partnership with the iGaming site is known to bring in huge revenue.

  • AC Milan

AC Milan, one of the most successful clubs in Italy, is another juicy team iGaming sites tend to partner with. HappyBet, etc., are iGaming sponsors the club has partnered with in the past. Due to it’s super fanbase and reach, gambling operators are still in the business of partnerships with this football club.

Other football clubs who have/had partnership deals with iGaming operators include:

  • Napoli
  • Bayern Munich
  • Manchester United
  • Chelsea

Let’s Round it Up

Sponsorship between casino operators and football clubs is beneficial to both industries. Running a football team is capital-intensive. The casino industry is a billion-dollar industry. No one could ignore the amount of money the gambling industry makes, not even the government. It only makes sense that these two industries come together to initiate deals that expands their reach.

If you have ever watched a football game, you will notice brands on players’ shirts, stadiums, and merchandise. Most of these brands are online casinos – both famous and not-so-popular operators. On the other hand, you can also see gambling sites like 8XBet marketing their favourite clubs.

However, it is all about money, and casinos are willing to spend it because they understand its benefits. Money plays a significant role in buying the best players or winning the championship. Flight tickets for players, clothing, etc., all require money. Football clubs also have enormous sponsorship demands that only industries as rich as the gambling sector can meet. Top clubs always look forward to getting sponsorship deals. So, this relationship between both industries would last for a long time.

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