5 dog training tips for first-time puppy owners

Dogs are man’s best friend for some reasons – they provide warmth and comfort and are fiercely loyal creatures. Because they’re so sociable, dogs can be trained to do various tricks.

If you’re a new puppy owner, the prospect of starting the training process can be daunting. There’s only so much your dog can learn from obedience classes, as there’s still much to learn. In this article, we’ll show you some handy tips to help you train your dog efficiently.

1.   Don’t Teach Them to Jump Too Early

If you have a young furry friend in the house, don’t be too eager to teach them to jump. It’s probably cute to have your puppy jumping up and down the house, but it’s not becoming a dog as it gets older.

To make things easy for you, you have to make sure they learn to keep all four paws on the ground from early on. This way, they’ll understand that getting your attention doesn’t mean they have to jump.

2.   Don’t Put Them in Crates as a form of Punishment

Crate training is a crucial aspect of dog training, as the crates give your furry pet a safe space to call their own. Dogs generally don’t defecate where they sleep, so they master holding in their pee and poop in the crate. This is excellent training.

However, putting them in crates as punishment is counterproductive, as they’ll associate the space with bad feelings and won’t feel secure or safe there. This beats the point of crate training, so you should avoid it altogether.

3.   Use a Positive, Firm Tone

Rather than yell at them when they misbehave, learn to adopt reward-based training for them, as it’s much more animal-friendly and effective.

You’re the boss, so let it show. Be commanding, firm and assuring. It’s not much about what you say but your tone (dogs can’t understand human language). If you sound frustrated and angry during training, it’s not a good addition to their learning schedule.

4.   Keep The Commands Short

A survey carried out by pet365 reveals that about 55% of people believed that “recall” is the most important dog command. As such, when it comes to commands, there’s no need to make them more complicated than they should be. Instead of using phrases, stick to single words to help them learn quickly. For instance, instead of saying, “get inside your crate,” you could simply say, “crate.” It’s easier for you and your pet this way.

5.   Find a Balance with Confinement

Avoid keeping your puppy in its crate for too long. Simultaneously, you shouldn’t give them too many opportunities to run around the house, especially when you’re not around to monitor their activities.

Additionally, you can limit confinement to certain parts of the house to keep them from inadvertently chewing harmful or valuable objects in the house.

Bottom Line

Dogs are fun animals, and they’re great to have around. Training them right from their early stages lays the foundations for excellent behaviour for many years.

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Image Source: Pexels

Written by YBIG 12

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